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Why Is The China Stainless Steel Sink “Rusting”?

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  • Listed: October 11, 2018 9:04 PM
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The stainless steel sink is quite wide in daily life, but after using it for a long time, you will find that the stainless steel sink is rusted. What is going on here and how to deal with it? I wonder if you have any understanding? Today I will introduce you to everyone. What is the rust of stainless steel sinks and how to remove rust spots from China Stainless Steel Sink ?

Stainless steel sink rusty is going on

1. When we are decorating a new house, we often fail to clean up the iron filings or rust water remaining in the water pipe after the sink is finished, which will cause the precipitation of impurities. It will easily produce rust spots for a long time.

2. When decorating the kitchen, the chemical paint used was accidentally splashed into the sink, and after the decoration, it was not found in time. After a long time, rust spots appeared in the sink.

3, in daily life, did not be able to protect the sink, pour some residual juice, or vegetable soup into the sink, it is easy to cause damage to the protective film on the stainless steel surface, and eventually rust spots appear.

How to remove rust spots in stainless steel sinks

1. The toothpaste that we often use in daily life is an excellent prop to remove rust spots. First, wet the rust spots in the water tank, then apply the toothpaste on the prepared soft cloth strip, and then use the soft cloth strip. Wipe repeatedly with rust spots on the ground until the rust spots are clear and clean.

2, we can clean the rust spots by homemade detergent. First rinse the area with rust spots with water, then sprinkle lemon juice on the toilet paper, cover the toilet paper with rust spots, wait for ten minutes, then remove the toilet paper, then sprinkle baking soda on the rust spots, and finally use the old toothbrush Repeat the wiping on it.

3, in the market, there is a kind of cleaning agent specializing in cleaning stainless steel rust spots, for cleaning stainless steel, sink, hood rust spots, has a significant effect, and the important thing is that the price is quite cheap. However, it is best to be able to buy branded products, so as not to buy fakes, the effect of cleaning is not obvious.

4, the use of white vinegar, can also be very good to remove the rust spots in the stainless steel sink, this is because the white vinegar contains a lot of acetic acid, and this acetic acid will chemically react with the rust spots, thus achieving the function of removing rust spots. When using it, just spread the white vinegar evenly on the surface of the rust, and add some salt.

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